The Countess in Diablo II

I just learned that the Countess in Diablo II is based on Elizabeth Bathory, a real-life Countess in Hungary who lived from 1560 to 1614 . She is said to have bathed in the blood of girls in order to preserve her youth. She is often labelled as the most prolific serial killer in history and the female counterpart of Count Dracula. She is also known as the "Blood Countess", "Blood Queen" or "Countess Dracula". She was imprisoned in her own castle, much like her Tower in Diablo 2.

Ganito kayo ka-close dati

"Ganito kayo ka-close dati. Sana ganito pa rin this Mother's Day."
[You were this close once. Reconnect this Mother's Day.]

Just a short video which inspired me today, related to Mother's Day.

I wanna play The Sims Medieval...

The Sims Medieval is a spinoff game in The Sims franchise.

"Estudyante Po"

"Estudyante Po (I'm a student)". That's what I always say when paying my fare for a ride in Public Utility Jeepneys nowadays. The regular fare is now 11 pesos, up by 1 peso a few months back, when taking the Pasig Palengke to Crossing route. The discounted price is 9 pesos for students and seniors. Back when it was still 10 pesos, I didn't care much and I paid the regular fare. Two pesos didn't seem much to me. But now that its 11, I always make sure that I don't pay more than 10 pesos. Why? Because I don't want to dole out an additional coin. I'm used to paying with an exact 10-peso coin or two 5-peso coins.

Now that I think about it, two pesos looks more valuable to me. It's 20% of the regular fare and that's a lot.

Get your potbellied pig to mate

Get your potbellied pig to mate!

In case you don't understand the title of this post, don't worry, I also don't. I am just required to include that phrase in a new post. You can take it literally, in which case, it means "breed your pig". It doesn't make sense but what else could you make out of it? It looks like it's just a group of words stringed together with no meaning. keke

Zest Air sucks!

Zest Air sucks!

That is prolly what goes in the mind of Winston after his Zest Air experience this last Nov 29, and what will be in mine if I ever experience the same thing. I wouldn't have the same patience as he did though. Winston absorbed everything Zest Air threw at him and suffered. This is what could have happened if I were in his shoes.

Just imagine this:
Zest Airways called you and informed you that your flight has been rescheduled one day after your scheduled flight. You agreed with Zest Air and accepted the new flight schedule. But when you arrived in the airport, there are no Zest Air flights available. After that horrible experience, Zest Air still has the guts to ask you to pay an additional fee for not showing up in your scheduled flight!