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'Pasalubong' from Tita Grace

Tita Gay (as we call Aunt Grace) arrived yesterday from Hawaii at around 5:30 pm.I think it has been six years since she and her family last visited the Philippines.Their vacation here is in time with Lolo Poling's(Titay Gay's father) birthday on July 27. Of course we're all excited to see tita and our cousins Abigail and Ariel. But what we are most excited about are the balikbayan boxes or simply put the PASALUBONG. Hehe.

I love my Dragonite

I'm in love... with my Dragonite.

He's the best HM slave you could possibly ever have. Being a slave sounds bad, but an HM slave pokemon is very useful and a must in any party. For those who don't know, an HM slave is a pokemon dedicated to using HM moves only, so the other members of your party don't have to learn these Hidden Machines.

Blog inactivity and spam comments

So I'm thinking I haven't checked or even visited my main blog at after I started this Pokemon thing. I finally checked it out today and was surprised to see what... 40 spam comments. FFS!

Some are very spammy; some, it's hard to tell. I just trust Wordpress when it labels comments as spam coz maybe it has seen the same comment and links before in countless other sites.

I believe these spam comments are made automatically by bots, spamming blogs with useless comments hoping that they would get a backlink to their site. Of course, this would happen only on blogs with outdated versions of Wordpress or those which use unreliable CMS. They fail to understand that this type of SEO is no longer a viable option.

That's all for now. Like what Gary says in Pokemon LeafGreen,
"Smell ya'"

What's been going on lately...

So I kinda have forsaken this blog...

So many things have happened since I last wrote a post. First is the Warcraft 3 drama between Chethan, (battleroyale-@Lordaeron) and Clan Old School. I think I'd dedicate a new post for that.

Then lately, I've been playing Pokemon LeafGreen a lot. This is a remake (Generation 3) of the old Pokemon Yellow version (Generation 1) that I used to play a lot on my black and white gameboy. Ah, the good old times. I miss my original Pikachu. I know I had spent a great deal of time on that game.

Next, I've been reading a lot about Pokemon - the games, the monsters themselves and the game mechanics. There's a lot of information out there and I should have known them when I started playing Pokemon Yellow. I dunno much about the new Pokemons - only the first 150 in the National Pokedex so I'd be playing these games (yes prolly all the versions lol) for a long time.

To sum everything up, here is how my brain is wired right now:


on the PBB: Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner and the Big Six...

James Reid is the Pinoy Big Brother PBB: Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner.

Why? I mean, Congratulations but why the hell did people vote for him?