'Pasalubong' from Tita Grace

Tita Gay (as we call Aunt Grace) arrived yesterday from Hawaii at around 5:30 pm.I think it has been six years since she and her family last visited the Philippines.Their vacation here is in time with Lolo Poling's(Titay Gay's father) birthday on July 27. Of course we're all excited to see tita and our cousins Abigail and Ariel. But what we are most excited about are the balikbayan boxes or simply put the PASALUBONG. Hehe.

They brought many balikbayan boxes with them - 4 I think. Along with the usual clothes and accessories, they also gave us some useful gadgets. Jasper and Carlo got a new PSP in a limited edition Metal Gear packaging. JJ was really happy about it. Kuya Tyrone received an brand new iPod. I don't know which model but he told me it costs around 12,000 pesos here. Tita Gay said it's the most expensive of all the pasalubongs.

I received many pasalubongs. First is the 19" monitor LCD. It is the old monitor of Tito Danny but it is still in excellent condition. Woot, new monitor! Time to replace my soon-to-die monitor. Then I got a Blackberry cellphone. I do not know how much it is worth but it is also an old, unused item of Uncle Danny. The Blackberry is locked, meaning it won't accept sim card from the Philippines. Inside its box is a Polaroid camera. I also got a brand new watch. Brand: Victorinox - Swiss Army. Lastly, I got brand new pairs of sandals and rubber shoes(Converse). Hehe.

That's all for now. GG


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