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rArA won $6000 in a Street Fighter 4 tournament

My Warcraft 3 friend and AT partner "rArA" ("Filipino Champ" in SF4) won a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament a few days ago for a prize of $6000.

BLG Filipino Champ interview by

Good for him to get something out of his hobby! He is quite known in the Warcraft 3 circle as one of the top human players during the early Frozen Throne patches. His character in Super Street Fighter 4 is Dhalsim.

Bocha and pig cannibalism

Just a funny thought that came to me after watching a news story about Bochas on the TV.

As used in the report, bocha is the meat of pigs which died of reasons (usually disease) other than the normal process of going through the slaughterhouse. Another term is "double dead". Instead of throwing and burying the dirty meat, bocha owners want to get something out of them and sell them in low prices.

The TV report showed a lot of lechon bochas being prepared. The piles of meat were handled as if they were not human food. Near the preparation was an unhealthy-looking pig.

At the end of the show, the pig was shown eating the confiscated bochas -- eating his own kind. So I thought the pig must be thinking:
"So this is how I taste like. It's good."
xD Pig cannibalism?

Good Old DnD RPGames

I can't believe this. Good Old Games or simply is now offering the best old DnD RPG games - the ones that ate a lot of my time many many years ago.

Don't change the Wordpress permalink structure!

I changed the permalink structure of my video games site the Games Master and I noticed the traffic I'm receiving now dropped dramatically.

A bulk of my traffic comes from search engines. When I changed the permalink structure, the pages indexed by search engines returned a 404 error because the URL had changed. My URL structure before was
/%postname%-%monthnum%%post_id% Now, I've read that (and I'm pretty sure I knew this before but I didn't really care) this type of permalink structure can be very taxing on the web host and can cause major slowdowns in blogs with LOTS of pages. There are warnings all over this page concerning the matter:
Starting Permalinks with %postname%, %category%, %tag% and %author% is strongly not recommended for performance reasons.

As I understand it, this is because Wordpress uses the same structure for the static pages you create and it can not easily distinguish between the static pages and the pages mentioned above e.g. a static page entitl…

Pokemon Bug Catching Contest points

This is a list of the details in every Pokemon Bug Catching contest I participate in, held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I am playing Pokemon HeartGold.

The goal is to find a pattern for the point system used in the contest. So far, I know that the species of the Pokemon is important (Pinsir and Scyther are the highest?), the level and the amount of health left when you caught the Pokemon.

New Adsense Interface

I noticed this yesterday when I checked my Adsense account. A pop-up came out asking me to try the new Adsense interface.

PH, PHL instead of RP to refer to the Philippines

The DFA is now following the ISO initials PH and PHL instead of RP (Republic of the Philippines) to refer to the Philippines.

I haven't seen the initials RP being used in official documents anyway but it's good that we are now following international standards. My passport which was issued in 2007 used PHL not RP.


28 October 2010 - The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and its Foreign Service Posts (FSPs) will use the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) initials PH or PHL when referring to the Philippines, and not anymore "RP", which is the acronym for the "Republic of the Philippines".