Good Old DnD RPGames

I can't believe this. Good Old Games or simply is now offering the best old DnD RPG games - the ones that ate a lot of my time many many years ago.

I'm talking about these games:
  • Baldur's Gate - $9.99
  • Icewind Dale - $9.99
  • Icewind Dale II - $9.99
  • Planescape: Torment - $9.99
  • Neverwinter Nights - $9.99

Dec. 12, 2010: I just found out that Baldur's Gate II is already included in the GoG games catalogue. Cool!

The only one missing is the Baldur's Gate II series (10 years old), the best in this group. It is such a good and influential title that people are still willing to pay the original price for it. I think. That means it still sells, up to this day.

BTW, The Temple of Elemental Evil is also also available for $5.99 but it not that old and it doesn't fit well into the group.

What really shocked me is Neverwinter Nights which was released just 8 years ago. I bought my Neverwinter Nights Platinum for 2000 pesos (~$40). Insane! I believe the online community is still strong, and that there are many players still playing that excellent game. Maybe the game no longer sells these days. Neverwinter Nights 2 is just 4 years old too.

The best part is that like all games, they are all DRM-free, are working in the latest computers today, patched to the latest versions and have some extras. That means no more cracking, downloading patches and CD checks. Why was this service not available many years ago???

Man, we should support services like this so we could clearly convey our message to the game publishers:


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