WCG 2010 Warcraft III Grand Finals - Remind vs Grubby

A few hours from now, Grubby(Orc) will face Remind(Night Elf) in the Grand Finals of World Cyber Games 2010 - Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Grubby has shown so far a good performance not dropping a single map. Remind on the other hand, was nearly eliminated early in the tournament

Remind vs Grubby - WCG 2010

If Grubby succeeds, he will be the first to win a WCG title three times in any game.Manuel Schenkhuizen won his first WCG titles in Warcraft III in 2004 and 2008.

If Remind wins, he will be the first Korean to win the title. Koreans are known to be very competitive in video games competitions specially in strategy games thanks to the StarCraft progaming scene in the their country. But the WCG title has eluded them for years with their representatives only reaching the 2nd or 3rd place.

Update before this gets posted: Remind won 2-1. I saw the 3rd match, missed the first 2. My friends and many others said that the 2nd game was the best where Grubby had a big comeback. In all 3 games, Grubby went Shadow Hunter for his 2nd hero, an unusual choice vs Druid of the Talons.

Too bad for Grubby, he won't get the WCG title for the 3rd time. This match was very important because we may not see Warcraft III in the World Cyber Games next year due to release of StarCraft 2.

Congratulation to Remind!

Night Elf Power!


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