I wanna play The Sims Medieval...

The Sims Medieval is a spinoff game in The Sims franchise.

The Sims Medieval

I admit. The video trailers sold me. Even though it looked like just one of the many expansions of The Sims 3, Medieval offers a promising escape from the tried-and-tested game play formula in the main series of games.

The Sims Medieval launch trailer

I spent a lot of time playing the original The Sims game and I have to say that it was really a time-consuming game. The succeeding main series of games (The Sims 2 and The Sims 3) inherited the core gameplay elements of the original game so they are just as addicting, if not more, as the first game.

Then here comes The Sims Medieval. EA calls it a new base game, but it runs on the same engine as The Sims 3 I think. It looks like The Sims 3 in a medieval setting but that's not entirely true. Many game play elements were added to highlight storytelling and quests.

Old school players who have played The Sims incarnations all over the years should be familiar with Medieval game play and controls. The basics are still there. Instead of making houses, the player would make castles, fortresses and other types of buildings.

Playing the game to the fullest, which includes getting all The Sims Medieval achievements, is a hard feat. Thankfully, Maxis included cheats in the game to lessen the burden of players. The oldschool cheat "Rosebud" is now "kaching" and "motherlode". There are many other cheat codes available to speed up the game play. It is not advisable to use them though because it ruins the game, especially for beginners.

Developed by the award-winning The Sims studio, The Sims Medieval is a new stand-alone game offering a fresh setting, a new look, an exciting new set of features gameplay mechanics, and all-new features.

The Sims Medieval lets you experience the medieval era with Sims you create and control: kings, queens, knights, wizards, spies, blacksmiths, merchants, bards and many more. You will create heroes, choose quests, build your kingdom, and create epic tales full of drama, romance, conflict and comedy.

Train your hero to level up, do some quests and upgrade your kingdom. We can do all of these faster. Just press Ctrl + Shift + C to bring up the command console and type The Sims Medieval cheats. There's even a cheat testing mode that lets you easily drag up and down the sim's motives bars.


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