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played Diablo II with Nedbone

So Nedbone convinced me to play Diablo II again. He said he started playing it again with his brother and friends - all 5 of them. But they don't have original cd-keys so they could only play multiplayer through hamachi.

Anak ng Taong Grasa

From Going Bulilit, a TV gag show starring lil kids:

Bulilit1: Anong tawag sa anak ng taong grasa?
Bulilit2: Ano daw?
Bulilit1: E di Baby Oil!


test post using Flock's blog editor

This is a test post I wrote and published on the Blogger platform using Flock's blog editor.

First, I'll add an image. Nada. You can't upload an image directly from this blog editor. You have to add the image url to add the image to the post. Big no, no!
image added through web clipboard feature

Using Bold text, Underline text, italicized text. Simple enough.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Wordpress Generated CSS classes

Every WordPress installation should have these CSS classes defined so they could use the text editor's functions properly. Some functions like image aligncenter don't work properly if they lack these CSS classes.

Updated Windows Xp

Just updated Windows XP and the video card driver!

It's been a while since I last upgraded my operating system. I was shocked to see tons of updates. The whole thing is about 70 MB big and took a while to finish. Seriously Microsoft, how come you didn't see all these upgrades before you released the operating system?

With the video card driver upgrade, I'm hoping that the PC crashes that has been happening more and more frequently recently would stop. It started when we moved temporarily to the other house on the game Dragon Age. It seems to affect graphics-intensive games only, like Dragon Age and The Sims 2.

Speaking of The Sims, here are
The Sims Medieval cheats

Google News Search SEO video

I came across this video from the Google which discusses various information about Google News. The most interesting part is at the end where the host talks about best practices (also the requirements) for Google News content.

Must-watch for Google News enthusiasts and "trenders".

GirlyLuck, a Warcraft III player has died

Lide (huga-shaga@Lordaeron) told me a shocking news yesterday. GirlyLuck, a Warcraft III player from Singapore died of cancer caused by too much smoking. I know some of the Singaporean War3 players and I know that GirlyLuck is one of the good ones. Too bad...


Less "Read More" please

Can I please minimize using the<--more--> tag please? That's the "Read More" or expandable post summaries. Seriously, only long posts that look bad on the front page need this.

The whole point before is that maybe if the reader gets interested on the article, he will click the Read More link giving me 1 more impression. Hehe. It looks bad though seeing one-line posts on the front page with nothing else below.

old PC fixed

Carlo fixed the problem on his PC. He did it by running TuneUp Utilities ---> Disk Doctor. As far as I know, Disk Doctor is just a ChkDsk command on Windows with a little bit more features. And it just corrects errors on the hard disk. What could possibly be on the hard drive that can cause problems on the monitor? I tried reinstalling the drivers, to no avail.

The problem on his PC was that vertical lines appear on the monitor across the whole screen. At first I thought the problem was the monitor. But I tried switching his and JJ's monitors. Same thing. Then I thought, "it was the video card". I dismissed this theory easily. I don't think video cards can get damaged that easily even after years of usage. Then finally, I thought the culprit was the motherboard. I just knew it was the problem.

The whole point of the story is that I'm still not convinced that the hard drive was the problem.

Old Warcraft III friends

I was playing RT on X]StaR[P]MarS[E a while ago. I checked my friends list. There I saw my old Warcraft III friends I used to play with. I know all of them in real life. I met most of them in a computer shop near UST. Arena -- that's the name of the shop. Most of them don't play Warcraft III now but I am still in contact with some of them, either through FaceBook or instant messenger.

had my first visitor here...

According to my analytics tool, one person visited this brand new blog! Woot!

He came from my Blogger profile and clicked the link to this blog. He's from the Utah, US and he stayed for about 4 minutes and 30 seconds. :)

I like firsts.

But maybe I should hide this blog on my Blogger profile. It's not ready yet and it looks generic. Or maybe not. It's not like people would care so much if I had a sucky website. lol

Test Post

I'm posting here my test post so I can see the CSS styling. Code taken here: Blogger/BlogSpot test post


First post!

First sentence of my first post!

I finally decided to use this URL. I might use this instead of Twitter coz I don't see much use in using the service. This means this blog may contain very short posts... like one-liners.

That's it for now. I'll try to make one post per day as much as possible.