Old Warcraft III friends

X]StaR[P]MarS[E @ Lordaeron - Warcraft III Battle.Net account

I was playing RT on X]StaR[P]MarS[E a while ago. I checked my friends list. There I saw my old Warcraft III friends I used to play with. I know all of them in real life. I met most of them in a computer shop near UST. Arena -- that's the name of the shop. Most of them don't play Warcraft III now but I am still in contact with some of them, either through FaceBook or instant messenger.

My friends list. It hasn't changed in years, except 2 additions. X]StaR[P]MarS[E is one of my oldest Warcraft III Battle.Net accounts.

- no more contact now. used to be a good buddy


- Ray. twin brother of Ralf

-Abet. My AT partner before.

-Ralf. twin brother of Ray. plays on and off

-I forgot who this is.

-I believe this is Chris aka PeacefulGuy-, the original chieftain of clan XpE


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