rArA won $6000 in a Street Fighter 4 tournament

My Warcraft 3 friend and AT partner "rArA" ("Filipino Champ" in SF4) won a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament a few days ago for a prize of $6000.

BLG Filipino Champ interview by Shoryuken.com

Good for him to get something out of his hobby! He is quite known in the Warcraft 3 circle as one of the top human players during the early Frozen Throne patches. His character in Super Street Fighter 4 is Dhalsim.

rArA (Ryan Ramirez) is a bad-mannered player, in Street Fighter 4 at least. A warning just before the video says "Warning: contains *NSFW* language." In the video, the interviewer even said that he is famous for being a sh*ttalker. The video had a lot of comments, many of which detest rArA's attitude. I don't recall him being a shittalker in Warcraft 3. Being arrogant aside, he is actually a good-mannered player saying "gl" and "GG" in games.

There is one comment that caught my attention:
you're bad for the scene, you're bad for all the people you represent...
"the people you represent" means the Filipinos of course. Having a nickname "Filipino Champ" for a sh*ttalker isn't good. Plus, he is an immigrant there. He's been in the US for less than 10 years I think.

I shared this video to my friends who got to know rArA through the replays I posted on my Warcraft 3 blog and they just loled.

Note: I think he's holding a Pikachu stuffed toy all throughout the interview. I can see the black ends of the pokemon's ears in the video. lol


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