on the PBB: Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner and the Big Six...

James Reid is the Pinoy Big Brother PBB: Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner.

Why? I mean, Congratulations but why the hell did people vote for him?

Of the PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Big 6, I'm rooting for Devon to win. She's the most deserving. She's the poorest of them all, living/having lived only in the squatters area. She needs the prizes the most -- the P1M money and the condominium unit. She has a natural beauty and is very talented. She should have won.

Of the PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Big 6, why did the people vote for James? First of all, he is the least interested in getting the title and the prizes. He even said it himself. "I can't say that I'm the most deserving to win." In the house, I see him as a sickly man who didn't do so much for the other housemates. Could it be that he has the most supporters outside the PBB house? Could it be that these supporters are willing to spend more money or give extra effort to vote for James? Or maybe his family and relatives spent a good amount of money to vote for James? It's just not fitting for an Australian to win in

There are other more deserving housemates. Near the end of the show where the teen housemates were asked to rank the others based on who they think are the most deserving to win, Ivan Dorschner came out on top earning the most top 3 spots or medals. The most common desccription they gave to Ivan is that he is most helpful in the house -- doing household chores, leading the team, giving advice and showing strong performances in the tasks. All that on top of his good and personality. And yet he didn't win.

Ryan Bang is the clown of the PBB Teen Clash 2010 house. There's this song being played whenever Ryan is shown doing silly things -- we just call it "Ryan's Theme." He makes us laugh effortlessly. He is funny in many ways. His actions are of course silly and funny. And with his broken english, he unknowingly makes us laugh. He started the now-famous "Chuvachuchu" line, a way of showing and conveying love in a funny way. In short, he stood out more than James did.

My Pinoy Big Brother PBB: Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner and Big Six
  1. Devon Seron
  2. Ivan Dorschner
  3. Bret Jackson II
  4. Ryan Bang
  5. Fretzie Bercede
  6. James Reid


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