What's been going on lately...

So I kinda have forsaken this blog...

So many things have happened since I last wrote a post. First is the Warcraft 3 drama between Chethan, (battleroyale-@Lordaeron) and Clan Old School. I think I'd dedicate a new post for that.

Then lately, I've been playing Pokemon LeafGreen a lot. This is a remake (Generation 3) of the old Pokemon Yellow version (Generation 1) that I used to play a lot on my black and white gameboy. Ah, the good old times. I miss my original Pikachu. I know I had spent a great deal of time on that game.

Next, I've been reading a lot about Pokemon - the games, the monsters themselves and the game mechanics. There's a lot of information out there and I should have known them when I started playing Pokemon Yellow. I dunno much about the new Pokemons - only the first 150 in the National Pokedex so I'd be playing these games (yes prolly all the versions lol) for a long time.

To sum everything up, here is how my brain is wired right now:

Pokemon series



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