Monday, June 28, 2010

played Diablo II with Nedbone

So Nedbone convinced me to play Diablo II again. He said he started playing it again with his brother and friends - all 5 of them. But they don't have original cd-keys so they could only play multiplayer through hamachi.

I have tried hamachi before -- a very early version. And I knew it had some serious security holes, like you could browse the folders of the computer you are connected to. I was hesitant to try. A quick search of "hamachi" on google led me to the official page and the first thing I saw was a "Buy" button. wtf. So I just decided to use the link Nedbone sent me. Works fine.

They had patch 1.11 so i had them patch to 1.13. One neat feature of the latest patch is the ability to respec (respecialize) or reset the skills.

I played only with Nedbone and his brother. Ned's friends weren't around. My character is an elementalist Druid - tornado line only. Nedbone's character is a summoner Necromancer. His bro's character is a Paladin.

Nedbone is not good at all. His character build is bad. He picks up small piles of gold and tries to explore the whole map. He put a lot of points to Vitality. What else... All I can say is... He's just a casual gamer, not a powergamer like me.

We stopped playing when we beat Andariel, me at level 18.

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