Bocha and pig cannibalism

Just a funny thought that came to me after watching a news story about Bochas on the TV.

As used in the report, bocha is the meat of pigs which died of reasons (usually disease) other than the normal process of going through the slaughterhouse. Another term is "double dead". Instead of throwing and burying the dirty meat, bocha owners want to get something out of them and sell them in low prices.

The TV report showed a lot of lechon bochas being prepared. The piles of meat were handled as if they were not human food. Near the preparation was an unhealthy-looking pig.

At the end of the show, the pig was shown eating the confiscated bochas -- eating his own kind. So I thought the pig must be thinking:
"So this is how I taste like. It's good."

xD Pig cannibalism?


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