Pokemon Bug Catching Contest points

This is a list of the details in every Pokemon Bug Catching contest I participate in, held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I am playing Pokemon HeartGold.

The goal is to find a pattern for the point system used in the contest. So far, I know that the species of the Pokemon is important (Pinsir and Scyther are the highest?), the level and the amount of health left when you caught the Pokemon.

Pokemon Bug Catching Contest at Bulbapedia

The Pokemon with a level beside it is my catch. The health is also listed so I can discern its overall effect on the points.

  • 1st-place - Sun Stone (pre-National Pokedex); evolutionary stones (post-National) 
  • 2nd place -Everstone
  • 3rd place - Sitrus Berry
  • Consolation - Shed Bell

1st place 2nd place 3rd place Health
Pokemon Bug Catching Contest details
Butterfree 337,15 Scyther 317 Beedrill 231 full
Scyther 327 Scyther 317,14 Butterfree 264 about 1/4
Paras 314, 15 Kakuna 289 Beedrill 284 full
Scyther 313 Scyther 301, 14 Pinsir 280 near half+
Scyther 335, 14 Pinsir 310 Weedle 293about 1/3
Metapod 318 Scyther 317 Scyther 316,13 1/3-
Scyther 335 Butterfree 322, 15 Beedrill 294 full
Metapod 310 Scyther 306, 14 Scyther 305 half
Pinsir 319 Metapod 314 Metapod 306, 18 full


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