"Estudyante Po"

"Estudyante Po (I'm a student)". That's what I always say when paying my fare for a ride in Public Utility Jeepneys nowadays. The regular fare is now 11 pesos, up by 1 peso a few months back, when taking the Pasig Palengke to Crossing route. The discounted price is 9 pesos for students and seniors. Back when it was still 10 pesos, I didn't care much and I paid the regular fare. Two pesos didn't seem much to me. But now that its 11, I always make sure that I don't pay more than 10 pesos. Why? Because I don't want to dole out an additional coin. I'm used to paying with an exact 10-peso coin or two 5-peso coins.

Now that I think about it, two pesos looks more valuable to me. It's 20% of the regular fare and that's a lot.


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