2 New Gadgets for Blogger

I just noticed that there are 2 new official gadgets/widgets in Blogger: Popular Posts and Blog's Stats.

Popular Posts and Blog's Stats gadgets for Blogger

These are some of most sought-after widgets in Blogger, at least for me! Popular Posts in particular is very hard to find. Many of the codes you can find online either do not work or are very complicated. Blog stats are easy to find, but most of them rely on third party services.

After some reading, I found out that these 2 new Blogger gadgets have been out for months. They were announced on August 30, 2010.

I hope that they'll add gadgets dealing with comments (proper recent comments widget, posts with the most number of comments, people with the highest number of comments) next.

I might write a separate post for each gadget after I examine them.


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