Perfect Dark Zero sold - a Sulit deal!

At last, I was able to sell my sealed copy of Perfect Dark Zero for the XBox 360 thanks to It was the first ad that I posted on the site. After only 3 days and around 80 views, I was able to sell it. If that says anything, it's this: a lot of visitors are interested buyers. That's good news for both buyers and advertisers.

Perfect Dark Zero for the XBox 360 advertisement at

The Perfect Dark Zero game has been in my possession for 3 years. I got it as a prize for a contest back in Seattle at the WCG 2007. Its current value is $9 for a brand new copy at Amazon. I was able to sell it for 250 pesos (~$5). Good enough deal. I tried other sites(including international ones) in my effort to sell this game. I don't have an XBox 360 so I won't be able to use it. is by far the easiest to use and the best Online Classified ads website I've ever tried.


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